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Woohoo! You finished the last well-being check-up!! 📣 Please know that the way you treat your physical health affects your mental health. Check out this fun video to know how to stay fit both physically and mentally. Sit back and relax while we curate your personalized wellness report. In case you’ve missed out a check-in […]

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Good job on completing Day 5 of the diagnostic test. Just 2 more to go!! 📣 What’s something you discovered about you that surprised you? Self awareness is the first step to behavioural change. Here’s a short video on building self awareness. It might help you the next time you or your friend struggle with […]

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You’re completed Day 6 of the diagnostic check-up. Just one more to go! 👏 Have you ever wondered why you turned out the way you are? Why you behave in a certain way or why you find some things difficult to deal with? Watch this fun video to some find answers. We hope you have […]

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Good job, you’ve done it! You’re more than half way through. 🙌 Today we have a fun video for you explaining how you can cope better when in distress. This will help you make better decisions while you’re under stress. Have a happy saturday! Hope you find this useful. See you tomorrow!

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You did it! Your test for Day 2 is complete. 👏 Spend a few minutes thinking of what came up for you when you were answering these questions. We recommend you go through this video before calling it a day to understand the importance of trust in your life.

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You’ve completed the well-being check-in for today. Yasssss! 🎉 Take a moment to relax. Keep your feet on the floor and breathe. We have curated a short podcast for you on setting up better boundaries that can help you take better care of yourself and avoid burnouts. Hope you find this useful. See you tomorrow!

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You have completed Part 1 of the well-being check-up. Good job! Take a break before you resume your day. We recommend you go through this video on what good “quality of life” could mean and how you can find your way to it.